Steel is produced from iron ore or iron ore pellets and often involves the use of limestone, coke and a variety of other additives. Huge crushers grind and pulverize the ore into different sizes and granularity to meet the requirements of specific production process. The different particle sizes, ranging from very fine to relatively coarse, are typically stored in very large silos, wide open bins or underground bunkers that present special challenges to accurate level and volume measurement – due not only to the extremely harsh, dusty environment, but to the irregularity of the particles and the tendency of the stored materials to form randomly within the storage area. 

Level and volume measurement with 3DLevelScanner II
APM’s 3DLevelScanner II accurately measures the level and volume of bulk powders and solids of practically any type, shape or granularity, even in the harshest environments. This unique device employs an array of three antennas to transmit low frequency signals and to receive echoes of these pulses from the contents in the storage container – silo, open bin, warehouse, etc.d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);