Nuclear Pic 1Our recent association with M/s EPT, Russia has led us to introduce the much awaited solution for the industry in

the form of Nuclear Density Measurement using Na-22 as the Gamma source. This instrument provides a direct value to customer/end-user as this does not require regular audit report to be provided to AERB by end user and also no training is required for installation and troubleshooting of the instrument. In addition, the procurement and usage of the instrument is based on the type approvals received by EIP for the use of device in India, without any other formalities required at the End-User/ EPC end.

The offered technology is the use in the devices of natural or artificial gamma radiation sources emitting 1 -20  micro Curie which does not exceed the minimum significant activity level pursuant to the existing  IAEA radiation safety standards and regulations therefore our devices are not subject to the supervision by the State Nuclear Supervision Authority, Sanitary Epidemiological Service.

In contrast to its conventional Radio-isotopic analogues

Our offered devices use natural and artificial gamma radiation sources which activities do not exceed the minimum significant activity levels pursuant to the applicable IAEA radiation safety standards and regulations. Therefore, they are not subject to the supervision by the State Nuclear Supervision Authority, State Sanitary Epidemiological Supervision Authority and Ministry of Home Affairs that are confirmed by appropriate documents.

EPT devices have all advantages of traditional radioisotope analogs, namely they are indispensable in difficult process conditions when used for:Picture4

  • toxic, aggressive and biologically hazardous materials;
  • corrosive and abrasive substances;
  • molten and cryogenic materials;
  • radioactive substances of high or alternative activity;
  • foams, slurries and sludge;
  • powder and other highly dispersed free-flowing substances;
  • pulp, ore, feed stock and other similar materials;
  • vessels without pressure restrictions;
  • vessels without temperature restrictions.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 2.01.18 PM

EPT offered devices are free from the main disadvantage of traditional radioisotope analogs, i.e. necessity to use a powerful radionuclide source.                              Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 2.01.48 PM

Following are special features our device:

  • do not generate a radiation background;
  • do not require a special radiation shield;
  • do not pollute the environment;
  • do not require specially prepared and certified premises and personnel;
  • do not create problems during dismantling of the equipment;

Due to the absence of a radiation source or its small dimensions (there is no radiation protection) the devices of “EPT” can be mounted in the places where it is impossible to install conventional devices.

The non-contact density meter do not contain moving parts and do not require maintenance . You really can “plug and forget”.

We are sure that considering the above device for your various applications should allow for hassle free operations.}