Milk – dry as dust
Milk is processed to milk powder in a drying process in which the water content of the milk is reduced to 5 %/ kg. Powdered milk is utilized for the production of milk products such as chocolate, confectionaries, packaged food, soups, dressings, bread, cakes and pastry. Powdered milk is also the basic ingredient of baby food.
Level measurement in the milk powder silo with 3DLevelScanner
Powdered milk is a basic material in food production and is stored in high stainless steel silos. The consistency as well as fat and moisture content of the powder depend on the drying process and the composition of the milk. The APM 3DLevelScannerT is particularly suitable for this application because it is completely independent of the product composition. Dust generation and buildup on the mounting socket have no effect on the measurement. 3-dimensional mapping delivers true and absolute surface level values, volume and mass with accuracy like never before, making the 3DLevelScanner the ideal solution for this application.} else {