High and dusty 
Flour is usually stored in narrow, 30 m (98.4 ft) high concrete silos. For space-saving storage of several types of flour, the individual storage cells are approx. 2 x 2 m (6.5 x 6.5 ft). For applications involving solids, the choice of measuring principle depends not only on the measuring range, the degree of dust generation and dielectric constant of the product. Large extraction forces during the emptying process also play into the equation and may cause mechanical damage to the measuring instruments. In many cases, weak ceiling construction will not allow measurement with a contacting measuring principle.
Level measurement with 3DLevelScanner
For measurement in the flour silo, the APM 3DLevelScanner technologyT offers the advantages of contactless measurement. Since dust particles have only a minimal damping effect, the 3DLevelScanner sensor works well even with pneumatic filling. The high sensitivity of the sensor also guarantees high performance for varying surface geometries. Thanks to the instrument’s 3D mapping capabilities, it is possible to map the surface area and provide very accurate measurements in order to accurately assess the mass of contents inside the silo.