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    Misalignment Switch


    This device monitors the operation process for potentially hazardous conditions and activates an alarm when misalignment occurs.The conveyor belt misalignment switch protects the conveyor belt from damage due to belt misalignment or run off. For normal condition, the belt misalignment switches are generally mounted on both sides and the edge of the conveyor belt.

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    Safety Cable Pull Switch

    safetyBelt conveyor safety cable pull switches are designed for providing a switching system to isolate the power to conveyor system and other equivalent process equipment in the emergency condition.The cable pull switches are actuated by a plastic coated steel wire, which are placed along-side the conveyor.

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    Speed Monitor

    speedSpeed Monitor is a totally new rotational speed monitoring equipment; it uses the principle of photo detector and microprocessor to accurately calculate a wide range of rotational speed. It detects rang 1~999rpm and the rotational speed display on 7-seg led. There is a contact relay that could be used either for alarm or control purposes during the monitoring process.

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    Flow Switch

    non-dopplerThis system consists of a sensor probe mounted in a pneumatic pipeline, gravity chute or feeder and a control console mounted in an area accessible to users. The Remote / Integral unit is a high quality, industrial grade instrument that senses flow / no-flow conditions using non intrusive Doppler technology (microwave) to provide highly reliable and sensitive motion detection. It works by transmitting a low energy signal through a Teflon process seal into the material flow stream.

    A portion of the signal is reflected back to the sensor, with the movement of material causing a frequency shift – called the Doppler shift – which is used by the sensor to detect material flow. Both remote and integral versions are available and the typical application consists of Flow detection in Pneumatic Conveying Pipelines, Over Conveyor belts and other Solid Flow Pipelines.

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    Chute Block Switch

    microwave1A beam of Microwaves at 70GHz passes from a Sender to Receiver in bursts of 220 times per second. If the path is blocked by any material which absorbs or reflects microwave the chain gets broken and relay is actuated. Microwave switch can be used to cross the refractory linings as well .Application : High/ low Level switch, Stacker/ Reclaimer Boom Protection, CBS (Chute Block Switch), Anti Collision/ Machinery Positioning, Nucleonic switch replacement