Solids in the chemical industry A large number of finished products in the chemical industry are manufactured and brought to market in the form of powders, granules or pellets. Granules and powders are often stored in tall, slender silos and filled pneumatically. Fertilizers are transported via conveyor belt to large bunkers or stockpiles for storage until further transport.
APM 3D Level ScannerT – level and volume measurement with pneumatic filling
The instrument’s signals are damped very little by airborne dust particles. For this reason, the 3DLevelScanner quantifying technology is ideal for measurement in conjunction with pneumatic filling. The high sensitivity of the 3DLevelScanner delivers reliable measurement results even with the widely varying surface geometry of the heaped material. As the name implies, it is possible to display a 3-dimensional map of the container’s content on a remote screen.
3DLevelScanner – level and volume measurement inside warehouses and open bins

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