Extremely abrasive materials, changing fillers, as well as cement, which generate a lot of dust, all present different challenges to accurate level measurement. 
APM 3DLevelScannerT for level and volume measurement
The extreme generation of dust during filling and emptying limits the implementation of non-contacting measurement with ultrasonic methods. The APM 3DLevelScanner overcomes this problem, because it is completely unaffected by dust generation or a strong filling stream. With a measuring range of up to 70 m (230 ft), the 3DLevelScanner is the ideal measuring instrument for this application.
3DLevelScanner for Level and volume measurement inside bunkers and open bins 
Many of the aggregates are stored inside large bunkers and open bins. The APM 3DLevelScannerT with its mapping capabilities is the perfect solution for this application. The device maps the surface area of the contents inside the bunker or open bin providing the exact volume of the materials stored inside the containers and an exact reading of the volume of the contents occupying the bin.